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Uploading videos




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Uploading videos

Start uploading your own videos to tiimi by pressing the big + button in the "Own videos" section

This brings up a menu where you can choose how you want upload your video. If you want to choose a file from your computer choose "My Device".

If you want use an uploading link choose "Link". The link has to refer to a download link of a file. Youtube or Vimeo link won't work.

Once you have chosen the video you want to upload give the video a name and press "upload".

For longer videos uploading might take a while. Once the video has been uploaded the video appears in the "Own videos" section of the website. Tiimi automatically processes the video. If you want you can leave the site while processing is in progress.

Once processing is complete the video is ready to be analysed.

You're all set up!


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