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Video player

- Up to 70 hours of video cloud storage

- Collaborative analysis

- Video player made for sports analysis

- Buttons for frame by frame or time interval changes

- Slowmotion

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- Create and share clips

- Tag clips for later filtering, playlists and data

- Add map points to clips for automaps

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Clip editor

- Draw graphics on clips

- Write text on video

- Add slowmotion to clips

- Share clips with graphics via links

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Library system

- Create folders to organize your analysis
- Create text files into folders
- Add clips, times, drawings, maps and filters

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- Turn a folder into a powerpoint-style presentation with one click

- Easily digestible analysis

- Include everything in the folder - text files, clips, graphics, maps, filters.

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Feature videos


Split your game in to as many clips as you want. Our easy clipping tool makes the process fast and intuitive. 

Folder system & text files

Folders let you organize your clips, times and filters into shareable and structured chunks. As a cherry on top, you can create beautiful text files to support your analysis!


With filters, you can create powerful presentations within seconds. Let your players go and search for their own game events with a couple of clicks!

Smart game coding

Our smart button templates - that have been ready made for your sport - streamline your teams tagging process to the maximum. Choose from templates of different complexity to fit your needs.

Draw tools

Tiimi's powerful draw tools let you create insightful clips to hone in your point! Visuals are a great way to learn.


Showcase your ideas to the whole team using tiimi's presentations. Transform a folder to a powerpoint-style presentation with just one click!

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