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Video analysis workflows - From beginner to pro

Sports video analysis has become an increasingly important aspect of modern sports training and competition. With the advancement of technology, coaches and players have access to an incredible amount of data and video footage to help them analyze and improve their performance. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of sports video analysis and the different video analysis workflows for all teams from beginners to pros.

Why is Sports Video Analysis Important?

Sports video analysis allows coaches and players to break down individual and team performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance overall performance. By reviewing game footage, athletes and coaches can identify patterns, spot weaknesses, and develop strategies to improve their game. Video analysis also doesn't only have to be about finding things to improve on. Searching for great plays and highlighting them is just as important! Video review can be a great tool for building your players' confidence.

It is important that players start to get used to reviewing their games from a young age, since as with everything in sports, analyzing game-footage is a skill. Even having a centralized hub for all of your footage is a great help, since that enables your players and coaches to easily access the video and review it.

Example video analysis workflows


This is how a team who is starting to get used to video analysis could use This workflow is simple, doesn't take too much time but is highly efficient in improving the game with the development starting from the players themselves. Perfect for junior teams.

  1. Upload footage from games or practices to

  2. Ask your players to watch the video, and tell them to write down two things they did well, and two things they could improve on. If you want, you can ask your players to create clips of the events they found important.

  3. Review the moments with players and offer some feedback.

  4. Be better and more confident next time!


This workflow is for a team who wants to break the game down a bit more. Suitable for mid-level or almost semi-pro teams.

  1. Upload footage from games or practices to

  2. Tag the game events in full by using either the beginner or mid-level button template. During a season, doing this consistently starts to build up a bank of filterable clips for your players and coaches to search for!

  3. Create a few clips of key events you most would like to see improvement on. Again, you can also ask your players to clip some events they did well on, and some where they could have done better.

  4. Draw graphics on top of those clips and share them with players to really drive the point home.

  5. Improve your game faster than the competition!


This is and example workflow for teams who have the time and knowledge to put in. offers the tools even for the most complex of analysis. These sort of workflows often require a hired video analysis coach.

  1. Upload every game to If you wish you can also add your opponents games when preparing for a match.

  2. Analyze the games using the most complex button template.

  3. Use a variety of tools braking down the game more. Filter certain events, create clips with graphics and write a break down article. You can also create separate folders for separate players or player-types.

  4. Gather the analysis into a folder you share with your players either online or in a meeting.

  5. Take huge steps in your game!


Sports video analysis is a critical tool for athletes and coaches looking to enhance their performance. By using video analysis software, athletes and coaches can gain a deeper understanding of their performance, identify areas for improvement, and develop more effective training plans. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there is a video analysis workflow that can help you improve your game.

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