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Managing team

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Managing team

Managing your team starts in the Team section of the website. Here you can invite players or staff to your team and manage accounts and their admin privileges.

New members can join your team using a unique team join code. When registering to the website new members are asked to provide a join code. Join codes are randomly generated, and can be changed but not customized. Join code can be changed by pressing Change Code underneath the code itself.

You can also invite new members via email.

You can invite multiple people at the same time. Just split the email addresses with a comma. Once all members are on the list, press invite to send automated invite emails to all the listed members.

Managing team members and admin privileges is possible in the users list.

Clicking the three floating dots brings up a menu where you can delete users and add admin rights. Admins can promote members to admins, or demote admins to members.


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